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About Us

About Halesgarth kennels and cattery

We are a family run business, we took over in June 2015 and had ideas on what we wanted to achieve and offer to pets and pet owners alike. I have always had a passion for animals, my first pet was a cat called “Lucky”. Lucky I was allowed her as cats and pets weren’t really our thing at the time.

After several years I got my first dog called Jakee as an incentive to do well in my accountancy exams – which I did. She was my best friend and shadow and it was then I fell completely in love with dogs.
We are now proud owners (most of the time) of Seven Dalmatians – Dillon, Daisy, Ella, Eli, Hannigan, Jackson and Jeff, a German Shepherd called Brooke and a Border Collie x Called Alfie.
We breed Dalmatians and had our first litter in 2012 and we was very proud of all of them. So much so I cried when every single one of them left to their new homes.

We care for your pets like our own and show all pets love, understanding and most importantly to the animals treats!!! (If allowed). We understand your concerns when leaving your animals and so offer regular pictures, videos and message updates shown on Halesgarth Facebook page in order to try to ease some of the worries owners have.

We also understanding Raw feeding and what this involves and we sell a great range of completes and D.I.Y. Call in to discuss any feeding requirements and see our range.

Please see photos and prices on the shop page.

halesgarth-bedsThe Dog Kennels

We have a 4 acre fully enclosed field which allows the energetic dogs freedom to play and chase, or for the high energy dogs who need to be left on a lead we offer a 100ft lead so they can still play and chase but be safe. Within the kennels we have started to introduce Kuranda beds which are raised off the floor, warm and comfortable for the dogs. Please note, prices include food for the duration of your pet’s stay (unless on a specialised diet).


halesgarth-catteryThe Cattery Refurb!

The cattery has undergone a full refurbishment and has had new tubular heating and lights, an Epoxy Resin floor throughout to ensure cleanliness and hygiene and also new climbing frames and or tunnels.

The cattery is a safe warm playful environment with murals on the walls and floors.

Our cattery consists of 8 individual pens with their own heated, thermostatically controlled sleeping area with an attached undercover exercise area. The exercise area over looks grass and trees giving them an interesting focal point. Four of the pens can house up to 4 cats from the same family, the remaining four up to 2. Music is played to them all day for back ground noise and stimulation and toys, scratch posts provided for entertainment. Any diet can be catered for with prior notice.


Opening hours

Monday – Saturday 9-11am and 3-5pm.